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A review of Valu Thrift Store February 14, 2008

My favorite, favorite, favorite thrift store Valu Thrift in Sun Ray Mall (off of McKnight road and 94 in St. Paul, on the edge of Maplewood).

Occupying the former Penney’s store there, Valu Thrift is always extremely neat and the merchandise, especially clothes, is in really good shape. Very rarely will you find something with a stain or something that’s very worn. The prices are reasonable and on Mondays they have 25% off of everything. There is a huge selection. Unlike some other thrift stores, there are fitting rooms, but beware if you pull a bunch of stuff: you can only take in three items at a time. They mostly know when their goods are worth money, but we’ve found a gem or two to resell online.


11 Responses to “A review of Valu Thrift Store”

  1. ex Valu Thrift shopper Says:

    I have quit going to Value Thrift because the merchandise is of lesser quality than it used to be. I also am FED UP with the behavior of the clerks. I often am in line behind people who want an item without a price tag. OF COURSE the clerks will sell it to them. But today when I was in there, and made an offer of what the item is worth, I got this snotty lecture. Oh, no, we cannot sell anyhting without a tag — even though they do it all of the time. Never again will I set foot in that store. You cannot have certain types of policies for certain types of customers. It is discrimination.

    • Floyd Damsgard Says:

      Boo Whooo! You actually took time out of your life to piss and moan about nothing. Value Thrift says it all. It is a thrift store. I’m positive JC Penney would not “negotiate” their prices either nor would you be able to purchase an item without a price tag on it.

  2. Pam Says:

    There is a sister stores as well, Unique Thrift Store which is on the corner of Larpenteur and Rice St in St Paul. Valu Thrift has 25% off of everything on Mondays and Unique on Tuesdays.

    I find lots of unusual fabrics and craft items for my etsy store!

  3. Samantha Says:

    I love this store!!

    I was there today and I found a brand new pair of Lucky Brand jeans for only $15, you can’t get a better deal than that!!!!

    I recommend everybody to go check it out, it is not the ussual Thrift Store, they are very clean and organized.

  4. Happy Shopper Says:

    Just want to comment on the “no tag” situation. My experience is that this is universal. They will not sell anything without a tag….period. I have never seen a clerk that has bent on this… at all …to anyone and I shop there nearly weekly.

    I have seen people inappropriately try to barter with the clerks too…it’s just plain tacky and is also always rebuffed. Although my experience has been that it’s always quite politely.

    Don’t let one opinion sway anyone. This is a great place, check it out!

    • Joe Bacon Says:

      Another take on Valu Thrift Store. I am a white middle-class male, and I have never been ablet to get Valu to sell me a tagless item or adjust the price on two identical items with different prices.
      That being said, Valu gets stuff from many sources, and the prices aen’t bad on the Mondays or Holiday Sale Days. I have no doubt that he guy who owns the place is very rich, but he employs alot of people, some of whom probably couldn’t get hires at many “mainstream” retailers. It is a great store for folks who need warm outerwear, and can’t afford Eddy Bauer or Cabelas. I have seen like new down hooded name-brand Parkas for $14, and many Columbia Jackets with zip out liners for less than $20. Samsonite large wheeled suitcases for under $20. Like new Nordic skis with bindings for $10. You can often find really high quality children’s books for $.49. I buy alot of these and my daughter passes them out to disadvantaged kids in Philly. It isn’t as cheap as the non-profits, but for people who don’t have the time or money to shop all over, the selection of clothing is huge, and there are some real flowers among the weeds.
      It is also the best organized thrift I have ever visited. I wish Target and Kohls would display pants and shirts the way Valu does!

  5. Medium Happy Shopper Says:

    You need to shop carefully at Valu Thrift because the prices have always been very high compared to all other thrift stores. Also, I hate the fact that this is owned by a private individual who I have been told is exceedingly rich (millionaire) but they get all the stuff people have donated to the Lupus organization. (Another reason the high prices are hateful).

    I think the clerks are nice, but the people unloading the stuff from carts to the shelves can be very rude if you try to look!

  6. Deb Says:

    I shop at the unique thrift on RIce street in St Paul and if something has no price tag on it I always tell them to get a price on it and they do. I’ve never had a problem with this.

  7. nicole Says:

    It would be nice to be able to have some of them who spoke english, after all we do live in the US. It is difficult to talk to anyone there seeing that they don’t understand you.

    • kmccully Says:

      I have not found this to be the case. Yes, many of their employees may speak another language, but there are plenty of employees who are native speakers of English or speak perfectly adequate English. I find blanket statements like this frustrating. It is untrue that every single one of their employees speaks no English.

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